Back to Basics: The Right Oven For Your Kitchen


Choosing the right oven for your kitchen depends largely on the following criteria:

• How big is your family
• How much do you use your oven and for what
• Do you have many dinner parties
• Do you prefer electric
• Do you prefer a gas oven
• Do you need a small oven just to get you by
• Do you need a large double oven
• Do you prefer a convection oven that blows hot air around on the inside of the oven via a fan
• Do you prefer a conventional oven
• Do you prefer a built-in oven
• Do you do all your cooking in a micro-wave oven
• How about a double oven or a single oven
• Do you want a brick oven in your kitchen

All of these varieties control the temperature and disperse the heat differently inside of the oven. Ovens can cook from the top of the oven as seen in broiling or grilling or from the top of the oven as seen in baking and roasting. Each oven variety offers differing methods of heat distribution and each oven while good for one specific type of food preparation is not good for another.

The type of oven you chose offers differences when cooking of food items, thus choosing the right oven to fit your particular needs is a very important decision. Each oven type offers different features geared towards specific ways of cooking.
Consumers buy ovens that they are comfortable using and their choice of ovens become a personal preference. For example, there is a difference in cooking with gas versus cooking with electricity. If you have cooked with electricity most of the time, it takes a time to become used to cooking with gas.

The space allowed in your kitchen for an oven answers part of this dilemma. You cannot buy a double oven if you have just enough room for an apartment-sized oven. It is important to consider all options before buying an oven.

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Improve Your Household, One Fix at a Time

Homeowners realize that keeping up the structure of the home inside and outside keeps the house from falling in disarray. Owning a home means constant updates to the property. Updates are expensive or budget friendly and it is up to the homeowner to decide exactly how much money they can invest in an update. It is surprising how one good can of paint dramatically changes appearances of the kitchen and bathroom areas.


When updating a home attempt to recycle materials as much as possible. Homeowners must find a happy medium in price ranges to fit a challenging budget. If the homeowner has plenty of money, which few do these days than money is, of course no issue.

Two of the most important rooms in the home are the kitchen and bathroom. These are expensive rooms to update. These two rooms can cost up to $10,000 or more depending upon what the homeowner intends to buy.

If the homeowner is going to make these rooms a DIY project, the final cost could be much less. However, making a difficult project a ‘Do it yourself’ project, could cost more money in the end when you do not know what you are doing. There are times when it is smart to call in a professional who knows how to do the fix correctly.

When fixing up a kitchen or bathroom start from the top and work down. Does the ceiling need fixing, do this first? Then fix the walls and flooring. Recycle as much of the old materials as possible to save money and be smart, calling in the professionals when needed.
The kitchen is the heart of the home, so be sure that the woman of the house has what she wants in an affordable price range, and make sure she is happy with her room.

Men would probably be happy with an outhouse out back; however, this is not going to fly with the woman of the house. Fixing up the bathroom at some point is necessary because this room is the most used room in the home. Bathrooms are not only for the occupants of the home, but designed with guests in mind.

The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that sell a home first. It is possible through one fix at a time to keep these fixes reasonable with attractive endings.

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Basics of Remodeling: What Should I Know?

First and Foremost

Before a homeowner starts, any remodeling projects the basics they should be aware of is the limits of their capabilities and they have the budget they can live with to afford the work. Basic home remodeling is simply sprucing up the home with new paint, wallpaper, flooring and lighting. Basic remodeling does not entail knocking out walls and reconstructing rooms.

kitchen trends in 2014

Most homeowners have the ability to paint, wallpaper, and have a new floor installed or to install the flooring as a DIY project. Basic remolding entails updates in one room or the whole structure. While this seems expensive, it does not have to break the bank.

Chew on your remodeling ideas for a while and do not just buy the first material without thinking long and hard. You will have to live with your decisions or spend even more money to undo a drastic mistake because you did not put enough thought into your attempt to update.

Do you have subtle colors and want to go for the more daring colors, or have you had daring colors and want a completely different look of more earth tone colors?

Have you decided to go wallpaper and are tired of paint, or vise versa?

Do you desire to rip out the carpeting and go more natural with wood floors? Maybe you already have wood floors under that drab old carpeting and all they need is a new coat of stain. There is a lot to consider before starting your basic home updates and a lot of thought is required.

Windows are another basic update that can be as expensive as the homeowner desires. From curtains to drapes to valances with mini-blinds or shades are up to individual tastes and need considering. Basic remodeling does not mean ordering all new windows. Painting around outside window frames is a basic step towards a homes upgrade, and then adding nicely painted outside shutters.

Old worn out kitchen cabinets do not have to be expensive to update. Deciding to remove everything including major appliances, may be every woman’s dream however, this is expensive. Recycle what you have in the way of cabinets and putting new doors on is less expensive. Consider glass panels on the kitchen doors, as this gives a nice cozy touch to any kitchen and shows off beautiful dishes and kitchen accessories.

Many homeowners cannot afford to replace toilets, sinks and tubs; however, a nice floor will add a new touch to any bathroom space. Replace lighting fixtures, towel holders and accessories really brighten up bathrooms. New window treatments and shower curtains with a different theme are helpful. Additionally a new wall surrounding the tub area gives the space an uplift.

Depending upon the homeowner’s carpentry, plumbing and electrical expertise anything beyond these basic uplifts needs to left up to a professional.

Sustainable Home Remodeling

Sustainable Home Remodeling is another word for ‘going green.’ Sustainable home remodeling is a method of remodeling that focuses on our ecosystem. Remodeling materials used for this popular method are materials that are not going to hurt the environment. These materials are easy to work with and allow the homeowner to get the work done quickly and affordable.

Repurposing the rooms in your house

When a homeowner remodels their home, they want the outcome to be attractive and most homeowners strive for a different kind of look, unlike what most homeowners may have in their home.

Sustainable materials standup to wear and tear and are excessively durable compared with other materials such as wood and plastics. Sustainable materials are affordable in price and usually cheaper than their counterpart.

Homeowners who want a durable, natural floor or wall covering frequently use materials such as bamboo, linoleum and cork. Homeowners are discovering how very attractive these materials offer them in remodeling projects.

Homeowners who turn to sustainable materials such as cork, and bamboo are also saving trees from permanent damage just for the wood materials. Since cork is processed using just the tree bark, the bark keeps growing back on the tree, thus saving the tree from cut down.

Linoleum is manufactured from a number of recyclable materials, is durable, high quality, attractive and affordable. Bamboo is tough and manufactured from the grass family instead of wood. Bamboo is very attractive for flooring and walls, is an insulator and is cost worthy.

Materials that is environmentally friendly for home remodeling is only a part of sustainable remodeling. Homeowners who are devoted to this type of remodeling shove extravagance aside for more cost worthy approaches such as roof gardens or small homes fueled by other sources such as the sun. Rooms in the home are often times recycled into two different rooms. A dining room may double as an extra bedroom, office, dining room or sitting room.

Sustainable remolding uses what the homeowner has on hand. Homeowners do not increase living area they recycle what they have available and compact living spaces together.

Sustainable remodeling offers a better shot at selling the home if the homeowner desires, because sustainable materials and creative ideas for recycling the space in homes is trendy and popular in today’s housing market.

Bad Home Building Practices

In today’s economy where so many people are out of work and goods and services have increased at a tremendous rate, some homebuilders use cheap building materials to get homes built quickly at a cheaper cost.

GLASS Living Faith Construction in Miami

Some home building contractors may also hire employees who do not use good building practices and know little about the home building trade. These workers are often times not trained properly in good building practices with the required engineering education to get the job done properly.

When bad home building practices are used, structures tend to deteriorate and sometimes collapse. Bad building practices occur in any income level but more frequently in the lower income level of neighbors.

Some of the bad building practices focus first on the type of soil the contractor builds the structure. A sound foundation assures a sound soil base. Structures built upon foundations such as sand and clay tend greatly to settle the structure.

This settling causes foundation issues that go from the basement to the upper floors. This happens because people of lower incomes cannot afford anything more expensive so this income level often times rely on less than perfect builders, using less than perfect materials and less than the more skilled laborers.

Not only will these poor foundations cause cracks in ceilings and walls they will cause windows to operate poorly, doors on the home and cupboards do not fit well and often times do not fully close.

Basement floors and walls crack apart. These cracks in the structure’s basement foundation cause water to leak into the structure. This problem causes other concerns such as harmful mold and mildew to form. Water quickly weakens wood in the supporting beams of the home. Mold and mildew begins to cause health problems of the occupants.

Water leaking into structures soon weakens the construction of the home causing easy collapse. When a structure starts to settle due to the soil content under the structure cracks in a wall will appear as jagged.

Constructing a home requires the homeowner be aware of all that is being offer in the home. Sometimes cheaper materials do not necessarily mean cheaper quality and the homeowner should be aware of these differences. Homeowners need to be aware of the many other pitfalls to bad building practices.

Homeowners need to know what they are paying for and whoever is building the home has an engineering background and training with proper educational expertise.

Design Ideas for Children’s Rooms

When taking on a luxury remodeling project, incorporating your child’s space into your design is important. There are many interior remodeling ideas for children that feature beautiful architecture and creative design.

design ideas for childrens rooms

The combination of good architect, along with the right contractor, builder and interior designer can incorporate all the elements of modern and contemporary living to make a child feel that the renovation will make their part of the house a home.

Contractors in Aventura and construction companies in Miami specialize in luxury interior design renovation for children’s rooms, creating suites fit for a prince or princess. Today’s children’s rooms have all the amenities of the larger house, with some adding their own “wing.” Renovation ideas extend to homework rooms or “offices,” lounges and secret passageways that allow children to have their own kitchen and outdoor entrances. Gone are the days of the traditional shared bath, with specially-designed bathroom suites as a necessity. Parents are being very creative in finding ways to keep their children at home, giving residential contractors room to let the design flow from an interior to exterior remodeling project. It is very common for the “suite” to easily flow into an accessible basketball court or pool area.

Technology can also be integrated throughout the home, allowing parental access to monitor computer usage and other activity. The modern children’s room is a social hub that includes spaces for sleeping and fun which can include modular furniture and lots of color to make it enjoyable space for your child and their friends.

One of the best things about these remodeling projects is that the space can easily be converted to another use when the kids get older. They can be fashioned into in-law suites, exercise rooms, media rooms and more.

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Installing windows in your home

South Florida is known for lush landscaping, breathtaking ocean views and beautiful gardens. Bring a little of the outdoors inside by installing picture perfect windows in your Florida home. Windows have the ability to add a bit of extra character to your home. The types of windows you select can determine a specific look and feel of your home, both inside and outside. A professional contractor in Miami will be able to advise which windows will work best for your home remodeling project.

how to install windows in your home

According to This Old House, adding new windows to your home can add value, both financially and aesthetically. For example, anchor windows frame the room, bringing in lots of sunlight and adding character. There are many different designs of windows to choose from and the ones you choose, depends upon the look you want to bring into a room. Construction companies in Miami will be able to help you select the best window for your home.

Florida homes are perfect for experimenting with different types of windows, making it possible to create an indoor oasis just by upgrading the windows. Some window designs offer panoramic views of Florida’s landscaping. For example, bay windows add three windows to a room creating a geometric feature in the room. These windows can be small to allow just enough light in the room or they can be extravagant reaching from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Residential contractors will be able to help you with the installation of your new bay windows.

Another option to consider is turning your bay window area into a nook that can be used for reading and relaxing. Install window seats underneath your bay window adding a place where you can see the outdoors up close.

Change the look of your home with a single remodeling project that includes installing new windows throughout your house. Faith Construction Group is among the leading contractors in Aventura and is ready to help you give your home a new look with their expertise in commercial and residential remodeling and renovation.

Colorful Kitchen Renovation

Today’s kitchens are becoming works of art in interior remodeling projects. Beautiful hues of color envelop cabinets, counter tops and appliances, as the walls become a canvas and landscape for breathtaking creations. Residential and commercial construction companies in Aventura welcome colorful designs to keep up with the fast pace and luxury standards of its residents.

kitchen renovations in Aventura

Here are perfect places to add color in your kitchen:


When remodeling your kitchen, adding color brings variety and ingenuity into the mix for a space that eludes creativity, style and class. Cabinetry makes a dramatic impact when infused with color. Residential contractors in Miami can help you to find the right styles and colors to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


Appliance makers have embraced the revolution of color and provided selections in every color imaginable. High-end stoves, refrigerators, specialty and standard kitchen appliances can all be found in bright hues of color, ready to dazzle and deliver.

Once have mastered the interior, your color scheme should naturally flow into an exterior remodeling project. After all, your outdoor kitchen is where much of your entertaining takes place! If you’re looking for a wow factor, try incorporating Radiant Orchid (the Pantone color of 2014) as a countertop next to your outdoor stainless steel appliances. Simply beautiful! Add some accent throw pillows and coverings to your seating and you’ll be considered the host of the century.


If you’re really looking to make a statement, try an interesting pattern that cohesively flows with your design. If you can imagine it, construction companies in Miami are ready to make it happen.

Don’t limit yourself to the ordinary, set a new colorful standard in high-end living. A kaleidoscope of color is waiting for you. Contact Faith Construction Group at (305) 777-17776 today.

How to increase the sense of space in your living room

Living rooms are the center of family life. They can be great places for families to get together and relax, or they can be used for more formal, intimate gatherings.

living room remodeling tips

One of the biggest concerns many homeowners have when it comes to their living rooms is lack of space. By working with construction companies in Miami, you can ensure that you build a living room big enough for the whole family to enjoy. No matter how small your living room is, you can work with residential contractors to help make your space seem bigger or to increase the actual amount of livable space in the room.

Some of the best ways to make your living room seem larger include the following:

Buy furniture that actually fits the space. Many homeowners purchase furnishings that are too large and bulky for the spaces that they occupy. By buying furnishings scaled to the actual size of your living room, you’ll feel a lot less cramped. If you’re unsure of what to buy, you can work with an interior designer who will help you make the right choices.

Contractors in Aventura can help you determine how to best utilize your space. In some cases knocking down a wall is an excellent way to increase the size of your living room. A contractor will know how to best incorporate structural elements like support beams or other obstructions that need to be addressed prior to the demolition.

Another great  way to open up the space throughout your home is through the use of storage. Lack of sufficient storage can make a room feel tight and cluttered. By working with a construction company when building your home or when doing a renovation, you can create built-in storage that is efficient and that blends perfectly with your room’s aesthetic.

If you’d like more information about how to make your living room seem large, reach out to the construction specialists at Faith Construction Group. Before you know it, you will have the spacious, beautiful living room you’ve always dreamed about.

Bathroom Renovations in Miami

Spa showers, steam rooms and heated floors are some of the amenities that come with today’s luxurious lavatories. From top to bottom, you’ll find the most creative and unique interior remodeling designs that will make you want to stay there and never leave.

bathroom renovations in Miami

The ultimate spa bathroom may start with an exterior remodeling project to widen the area. Residential contractors in Miami know the value of having the right space to create the perfect ambiance. Enhanced touches that integrate the latest audio/ video technology throughout the room and shower, in ground lighting in the floor and other specialties can only be done through the work of an experienced construction company.

Gone are the days when “getting clean” was the only use for the bathroom. It’s now a place of solace, comfort and ingenious design that caters to relaxation and a luxurious lifestyle. Separate walk through spa showers, showers that include benches and waterfall experiences, steam controls and multi-jet spray sensors are a few ideas of what’s available to enhance the look and feel of the room when remodeling your bathroom.

With the right budget and guidance, an interior remodel of your bathroom can change from dream to reality. Real estate agents and design professionals all tout the returns on kitchens and bathroom remodels, pegging these two as the top remodeling projects in any new or existing home design. Design magazines can provide just a little inspiration to make that call to a few residential contractors. A few changes at a time can make a big difference in the look and feel of your surroundings.

If you can conceive it, construction companies in Miami can build it. With Faith Construction Group trips to the spa will be out the window as you will be enjoying the spa experience from the comforts of your own home. Call us today at (305) 777-1776.